DAR Patriot Adam Lugar

When I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Adam Lugar was my Revolutionary War Patriot.

Hessian Army
“Adam Lugar, born 1Mar1738 in Frankfurt, Germany (near the Baden border) joined the Hessian Army and came to America about 23 July 1776 into New York to fight with the British. After a short time he deserted the Hessians and joined the Continental Army at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He served as a private in Captain Celeron’s Company under Colonel Posher and General Pulaski. They marched to Philadelphia, and then to Elizabethtown and finally to an area he called New Kirby, where they engaged with the British. Colonel Posher was killed and a man named Fry was made Colonel. Here they spent the winter. In Spring they marched from Pennsylvania to Charleston, South Carolina, where they engaged the British again.. After 18 months of service he was discharged. Adam moved up to North Carolina and enlisted again with the N.C. Militia and served another eight months.” – Kaye Graves Van Fleet

Hessian Army
23 July 1776


Business – Apothecaries

Business – Apothecaries
List of persons qualified to practise as apothecaries

Business apothecary

John Hunter




pub. date 1840

Also following are other Hunters:

John Charles 1821

Frederick 1822

Thomas Davis 1832

William Edward 1833

James 1836



In the Census Transcript Household Derbyshire 1901 William M. Hunter was listed as head of the family and is a Physician. He has one son age 26 born in 1875 who is a Mariner Engineer. Another son age 18 born in 1883 is a student, and one daughter age 14 born in 1887 who also is a student. No wife listed but there is a Servant, Governess and Visitor.

What I found interesting was the visitor from Derbyshire. His occupation is listed as Clog Maker. The definition is an Artificer One Who Produces By His Own Skill.