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My first book in this post for Research tips: Discover Your Roots! How I Found My North American and Revolutionary War Ancestors, Bruce Alan Wright, Esq.

Hunters in Yorkshire

Census Transcript Family 1841 shows Christopher Hunter, age 70, occupation Agricultural Labourer Christopher Hunter Jane Hunter age 25, b. 1816 Elizabeth Steele age 10 Address West Field Parish Keyningham

Clan Hunter International Gathering 2020

Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston, 30th Clan Chief, is having another event for all Hunters worldwide in 2020 to be held at Hunterston Castle, Clan Hunter Seat, Ayrshire, Scotland. I am planning a group tour and will be posting the details starting next month so if any of you have Hunters in your family tree…

The Hunter One-Name Study

I decided to start doing a one Name study after finding my paternal lineage was associated with the Lairds of Hunterston. The current status of the study is to find the DNA connection to the common ancestor John Huntar, 14th Laird of Hunterston. There is a FamilyTreeDNA project for our surname Hunter and I feel…

Laird of Hunterston

Robert Hunter 23rd Laird of Hunterston took over the Estate in December 1732 on the death of his elder brother. He married Janet Atchison. Their daughter Eleonora became 24th Laird of Hunterston.

Laird of Hunterston

Eleonora Hunter 24th Laird of Hunterston was born in 1764 and inherited the Estate in 1796. She married her first cousin Robert Caldwell. His mother was Margaret Hunter who married Robert Caldwell. Margaret was the daughter of the 22nd Laird of Hunterston Patrick Hunter. Eleonora and Robert (who assumed the Hunter name) built Hunterston House…

Laird of Hunterston

Robert Caldwell Hunter 25th Laird of Hunterston was the last Laird to be born in Hunterston Castle. He died March 14, 1880. On November 23, 1836 he married Christian MacKnight Crawford. They had two daughters Jane 26th Laird of Hunterston and Eleonora who married Robert William Cochran-Patrick on October 31, 1866.