Juliet Mary
Tony Lionel b 19 Jul 1947




Aylmer Gould, 27th of Hunterston b. 23 Sep 1864, d. 18 Mar 1940
Emily b. 1964
Felicity Anne b. 972
Gillian Mary
Gould Reas b. 27 Dec 1837, d. 20 Oct 1911
Grace b. 25 Nov 1884, d. 28 Feb 1954
Hugh b. 1938
Jane, 26th Of Hunterston b. 27 Dec 1837, d. 20 Oct 1911
Marjorie Joan
Philip Hugh b. 1968
Reginald b. 11 Apr 1869
Reginald Gould b. 1897
Sarra Catherine b. 1966


Memories of a Pastor
While living in Florida and working for the Walt Disney Travel Company, my family and I attended the Northland Community Church in Longwood, just north of Orlando, Florida. Joel Carl Hunter (born April 18, 1948 in Shelby, Ohio), was our Pastor.

During that time in my life I had put genealogy aside and today I remember attending Dr. Hunter’s church and even gave my life to Christ even though I had been a member of the Asbury Methodist Church in Charleston, West Virginia.

While doing my One-Name Study for my Hunter surname, I thought of Dr. Joel Hunter.
He is a Hunter afterall. So today I want to say personally I have a Hunter whom I am very proud to have met while living in Florida and hope someday to attend a Sunday service given by him at his church, Northland.

To read his biography please visit Joel Hunter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Hunters of Hunterston

The first Hunters arrived in Ayrshire in the opening years of the 12th century, having come over from Normandy about four years after the Norman Conquest. Experts in hunting and fieldcraft with generations of experience in the forests of their land of origin, these Norman lords were invited to Scotland by King David I who was himself brought up in the Norman court in London.

In papers relating to the King’s Inquistion, a Court of Law held in the King’s presence in 1116 we find mention of Willielmo Venator, William the hunter, the first Laird, Royal Huntsman to the Kings and Queens of Scotland. There is a family legend that says the Lady of the first Laird had the honour of serving Queen Matilda as lady-in-waiting.

William the Hunter put his expertise to good use in the wild forests and fens of Hunterston, then rich in wildlife, which surrounded the site of the timber fortress. This became Hunter’s Toun, a village & port on the peninsula where Hunterston has always been.

As recognition of his family’s skills, the title of Prawfectus Venatorus Regis – Royal Huntsman, became a hereditary appointment.



Hunters in Virginia
One thing I love about being a member of the Augusta County Historical Society is that I have books to help me in my research of my own Hunters who left Ireland and settled in Augusta County,

A new one I am going to order is as follows:

2015.0010 Book: Slaves in Will Books, book: Augusta County Genealogical Society,
Laten Bechtel, comp., Slaves in Will Books – Augusta County, Virginia, 1745-1866.
With index of slaves and slaveholders.

Gateway to the Royals

Thomas Orby Hunter

born c.1714, must be born America,
descendant of Edward III,
of Croyland, Lincolnshire.
His mother died 1716
His father became Governor of Jamaica 1727. He went to Jamaica with
his father and brother 1727.
His father’s will, dated Jan 1733, left him his father’s extensive property at Croyland, Lincolnshire and at Burton Pedwardine, Lincolnshire and at Chertsey, Surrey, and property in America and Jamaica, all provided that he did not marry a certain Mrs. Sarah Kelly, widow of Charles Kelly, of Jamaica.
His father died in Jamaica Mar 1734. He returned alone to England.
He obeyed his father’s condition (or perhaps his father was simply not up to date!) and inherited the property.
He married 1stly, 5th June 1734, by licence, at St. Thomas a Becket, Warblington,Havant, Portsmouth, to Mrs. Mary Heming [or Maria, a widow].
He was a member of the Spalding Society after his father, elected 10th Oct 1734.
He was MP for Winchelsea, East Sussex, 1741-59 and 1760-70.
He was stationed at Rotterdam 1746 as deputy paymaster for the English and Dutch troops.
He bought Waverley Abbey House, Surrey 1747.
Mary died pre-1749.


In Search of Your Scottish Roots

I have been researching my Hunter surname for over twenty years and when I first started I would visit the Family History Center in Mesa, Arizona, and head right for the Genealogy Publications, and to this day I can hardly wait to add my Hunter Ancestral Tree Book.

There are several Genealogy Magazines I enjoy reading, and my favorite is Going In-Depth. I just can’t seem to find enough about researching Scottish Roots and the following is a great educational resource:

In Search of Your Scottish Roots
“The Genealogical Gems Held at the National Library of Scotland”
Christine Woodcock